Positive Daily Three – Day 136

Summer has arrived.  I have learned that in Las Vegas, summer does not creep in, it barges in and makes itself comfortable.  The heat did not bother me as much as I thought it would, though.  I guess I am acclimating finally.

I went with my youngest to the park this morning, before it got really warm.  She ran around and played, and I got my workout in with my friend.  I did better with this workout, and it really feels like I am building my strength back up.

We made it to Costco and I spent more than I wanted to, but got everything we needed.  The good news is, that was probably the last big shopping necessary before we leave for our summer trip.

My son rode his bike without training wheels, and didn’t give up if he fell.  He kept getting up today, and I was very proud of him.  He did awesome.  He still needs practice, but the fact that he didn’t let fear control him today made me super happy.

My oldest is super excited to go on a field trip tomorrow, and she has been working hard on a law presentation that is due for her on Thursday.  I am very proud to see her really putting in the time and effort to do a great job, even though it is not her favorite subject.

I went for a run this evening, and it felt awesome.  I don’t know why, but running toward the end of my night, is the perfect way for me to reflect on my day and really just have that quiet me time that I have been neglecting to take.  It has been making all the difference in how I handle situations.  In some ways, it has given me the ability to be more focused and find my rhythm again.