Positive Daily Three – Sunny Day

I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect day, but there are definitely days that line up pretty nicely.  Today was one of those days.  Yesterday was a pretty rough day, but even so, there were good points.  I got in my workout with my friend at the park and was able to get some adult socialization in with some other moms there as well.  It felt good.  Even though we were late to karate yesterday, we still made it, which was a great thing.  I was able to get a lot of research in regarding home schooling last night.  I am preparing to home school my kids for part of next year because it will make it easier for traveling to see family and spend time with friends before we begin our journey to Misawa, our follow on.  I have been trying to decide the best approach: piecing together a curriculum for them, or going with an online school.  After discussing our options with my husband, we will be going with online school to ensure the best continuum.

Today worked out pretty well.  My son talked to his Dad for a while this morning, which was great, and while there was bickering between my two youngest, I was still able to have a pretty decent conversation with my husband today.  I went shopping with my youngest to pick up some things for my son’s school, and then we had time to go to the park and run around and play for about an hour.  I got a run in tonight, everyone actually ate and finished their dinner, and I was even able to give them a treat tonight.  It was a pretty darn good day.

Please share your encounters with good stuff in the comments.

Positive Daily Three – Slow Recovery

The good news of the day is that my son recovered very quickly and his fever did not return.  He is super excited because he gets to go back to school.  I am super excited because he is definitely a child that enjoys socialization and both of us were going stir crazy today.

Other good news is that my oldest daughter and I don’t seem to be coming down with anything at this point, so that is a bonus.  My youngest is still getting hit pretty hard, she was able to keep down her second breakfast, but would not eat again after that.  She is still drinking liquids, though and hasn’t gotten sick since this morning’s car ride to drop her oldest sister off.  I am hoping that she sleeps her fever off tonight.

Even though I know it’s rough for her to be sick, I have to see the positive side, which is that for the first time in a long time, she would not let me go.  She wanted to snuggle with me practically all day.  This was not always ideal, but I savored eery minute of holding her that I could because I know these moments won’t last forever.

My son and her played pretty well together today, building puzzles and playing with the musical instruments.  While it was not a super fun day, and a day that was spent mostly inside, it had precious moments that will be treasured forever.  I even got to put my littlest one to bed early, so I could have a good quality bedtime routine with my son.  He really appreciated it being just him and me.

Please share your positive stories, I’d love to hear them.

Positive Daily Three – The Sick House

Before I had the opportunity to exit the bathroom after my shower and lay down on my bed, my son came in crying, pleading with me to sleep in my bed.  I gave him a hug, preparing to walk him back to bed when I felt his forehead.  He was burning up.  I went downstairs, grabbed the thermometer and some children’s aspirin, and headed back upstairs.  Fever confirmed, medicine delivered, sleep followed.  Whatever he has appears to be stomach related, so hopefully it will pass quickly.

With both my youngest at home, I had to skip my morning workout with my friend, again, but I am hopeful that I will be able to make it on Thursday.  I did manage to get a run in this evening after I got the kids to bed, and am grateful that my oldest agreed to watch them while I ran.

It actually was a pretty great day.  We read books outside, painted and colored, and I even read a chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone leading into nap time.  I even let them each watch one short show.  They were outside playing with play dough and coloring on the sidewalk with chalk.

I was able to put together a feel good music play list, and a Disney playlist for car rides, and it was fun to watch everyone (even my oldest) jump around and dance.

There was a little bit of suck today, too.  My youngest puked on me and her just as we were getting ready to sit down to read books before bed, and developed a fever.  My son’s fever started creeping up again, too.  The good thing, though, is I am still healthy and able to take care of them.  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I think I will be ready to face it.

Please feel free to share 3 positive things that happened to you today.

Positive Daily Three – Staying on the Light Side

Today was one of those days where I felt like I had to fight with all my might to keep a positive beat, and I still had difficulty maintaining a positive light.  I woke up not feeling well.  I thought I slept well, but I woke up tired and grumpy with a headache and my stomach not feeling well.  I drank coffee, which did not help my stomach, but we managed to get out the door without too much trouble.

I kept playing the Moana soundtrack for the kids because they asked for it, and secretly because I was hoping the music would help lighten my mood.  It did at times, but I felt like I was wrestling all day.   I had to skip my workout at the park today because I just couldn’t get my energy up and could not calm my stomach down.  When I got home from school drop offs, I let my youngest watch a couple of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes and I laid down and rested.  I felt better after the rest, so I pushed myself up and made us lunch.  We put together puzzles and read books outside.  I was feeling pretty good by midday, but was still having trouble shaking my crankiness.

We went to karate tonight and I was still short-tempered with the kids, but I was catching myself before I let my crankiness get the better of me.  When we got home, I got the kids to bed.

I went for a run because my body was craving exercise.  As I ran, I began to realize that my crankiness was due in part to the fact that I didn’t get a run in on Monday, and I postponed my run today.  I wasn’t feeling well, I was out of my exercise routine, but also, I am really starting to miss my husband a ton.  It is the small things I am missing the most.  The sarcastic comments at the dinner table, the playfulness, his ability to just look at me and make me laugh, his knowing eyes when he sees me going negative, and his ability to help me see the bright side.  I miss the cuddles and the pillow talk and turning to him for balance when I am struggling.  Today’s technology definitely makes these times easier, but having a person physically in your life and virtually in your life are two very different things.  The time difference plays a role as well.  I forget half of the stuff I want to talk to him about when I do have him face to face on my phone.  I love that I can see him every day and that the kids can see him every day, I just wish I could be in his arms.  I am not complaining, because as a military family, we have to anticipate these separations and be prepared for them, but I am acknowledging that it’s not easy and that the absence of the one we love most takes a toll on us.  On the positive side of that, though, it is amazing to find that my capacity of love for him grows every day because I do think about and remember and appreciate all of the things he used to do to show me and the kids how much he loves us.  It is harder now because he is not here physically, but it does give me the opportunity to reflect on how we have loved each other and how we continue to do so, and how we can deepen our love for each other in years to come.

If your loved one is with you tonight, take the time to cuddle, to love, to talk and to be together.  If your loved one isn’t with you tonight, take the time to write them a letter and let them know what about them you love.

Positive Daily Three – Then That Happened

Today kind of sucked.  I’m not even going to sugar coat it.  I successfully managed to prepare everything I needed for my training classes last night.  I got the kids all up and ready on time, and we even made it to my son’s school early.  I got him enrolled in safekey (before and after school care), dropped my oldest off at school, and then took my youngest to the care provider.  I made it to training, and was really enjoying learning about resiliency, and then we had our first break.  My youngest’s care provider was ill and had to take herself to the hospital.  I had to leave training and go get my daughter.  I was really bummed.  I really wanted to learn everything I could about becoming a resilience training assistant.  I was upset and frustrated that things were not working out.  I called everyone I knew to see if they could refer me to a babysitter.  In the end, I had to just accept that I wasn’t going to get to finish training this go round.  I guess it didn’t end totally horrible.  I was bummed, but I wrote to the RTA instructors and will hopefully get put into an upcoming class next week.  My youngest was very happy that I came to pick her up early, and it really wasn’t as bad as I was making it out to be.  It’s funny how I stress out about things that I have no control over.  I definitely prefer the care provider take care of herself, rather than possibly spreading a virus to the kids.  I think it all ended up just fine and hopefully my next attempt to complete the training will be successful.

I’ve learned that it is much healthier to roll with things, rather than fight against the current.  If things weren’t going to work out, I could just wait until it was better timing.  I still get frustrated and sometimes angry, but if things are out of my hands, stressing about it and getting upset are not going to make the situation any better.  I’ve learned to just look at additional possibilities and communicate with everyone involved to try to find the best solution.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Positive Daily Three – Getting Back

The hardest part about vacations and time off is getting back into routine.  Yesterday we did pretty good, but today was a great step back into my schedule, as well as the kids’ schedules.

I made it to the park with my youngest and even ran into a few people I know from my son’s school.  I met my mom friend at the park as well, and we did our workout.  My youngest got to play for a couple of hours, and it was beautiful outside, so definitely worth it.

We made it to karate tonight, which we haven’t done in quite a while.  I am hoping to keep them going consistently, but we have to kind of play it by ear.

I’ve been feeling a little frustrated lately, getting headaches and feeling exhausted because I am having a lot of trouble sleeping for some reason.  Today, I was proud of myself because my son has also been very tired lately, and when he began to throw a temper tantrum, I said a little prayer for patience, took a deep breath, and was able to get him to calm down without escalating the situation.

It was a pretty good day, and I am looking forward to tomorrow as I begin my Resilience Training Assistant training.  It will be a full packed day, but I believe it will definitely be worth it.

Positive Daily Three – New Beginnings

I missed last night because I said goodbye to one of my best friends.  Her family and her begin their trek across the country on Friday, but last night we said our goodbyes.  It was definitely not easy.  That is something that I should be getting used to, but it is still difficult to part ways with people who have stepped into my path and become part of my family.  I will miss her greatly, but I know we can keep our friendship alive and that we’ll both be okay.  The great thing about the military life is that you never know where it will take you, but you always have the possibility that you will reconnect with someone when you get to wherever your next destination is.

I went to the park today and did the workout with the other mom that I met.  It was a tough workout, but I loved it because of the challenge.  It reminded me how if you stop working your muscles, you have to retrain them all over again.  My goal has now become to be able to do that very workout the whole way through by the time summer arrives.  It is very nice to have some adult conversation at the beginning of the day for a little while.  My youngest also got some outside time to run around and have fun.  While we were there, I met a couple with a daughter my youngest’s age and a newborn.  I discovered that they lived in my neighborhood.  It was a great morning.

I finished buying the last of the things we need to go camping.  I got the smores essentials today, which made the kids super happy.  My hardest step is going to be getting everything into the car, so I will have to start packing Saturday, but we are all getting excited for our camping adventure.

I took a nap today.  I have been having a lot of trouble staying asleep recently.  I don’t know if it’s because of the changes taking place in my life, or just stress, but I have been waking up around 1:30 in the morning this entire week and can’t seem to get back to sleep until nearly 4 in the morning.  It totally sucks!  I need an off switch.  Today, though, I took a nap at the same time my youngest was taking a nap, and wow did it feel great.  It was definitely needed and has left me feeling much better.

I wish for all of you that the sun always comes up, even if you have to go through a few days of rain.  The sky will always clear up and things will always get better.  We just have to keep hoping, waiting and looking for that ray of sun to shine through.

Positive Daily Three – Finding Balance

Today went well.  I took my youngest to the park and she got to play while I did a workout with a friend.  It was win/win.  My son got all of his homework done and still had time to play outside with his youngest sister.  My oldest and I are going to play our twenty questions game tonight, which should be a wonderful ending to a fairly decent day.

I was just talking to one of my best friends today about how difficult it is to make friends when you’re an adult.  I watch my son and youngest walk right up to any other kid and they are instant friends.  I do have that connection every once and a while with a peer, but usually, it takes a very long time to develop a friendship when you are an adult, even to just feel comfortable enough to call someone you’ve met up to see if they want to grab a coffee or lunch or something.  It’s interesting to me how guarded and less confident we become in making friends as we grow older.

There is a delicate balance in life that we all sit on.  It is the balance between surviving and thriving – thank you to my friend for helping me define the difference.  There are things that we need to do in order to survive, and then there are those things that we should do so that we can thrive.  Finding the balance between these two things is a great quest within itself.  Thriving does require doing things that are outside of our comfort zones and sometimes even having a little faith and hope in other people.  My new goal is to start living in a way that will tilt the scale so that my capacity to thrive outweighs my ability to simply survive.

Positive Daily Three – It’s All Good

The weekend was marvelous.  My oldest went on a date with her boyfriend to see Beauty and the Beast, we went to an 80s dance at my son’s school, and the kids and I went to the Eggstravaganza on base.  I was volunteering, but the kids all got to enjoy it.  I was grateful that I could make both happen with the help of my oldest.  We just hung out on Sunday and got some board game playing in, as well as playing outside and getting some chores around the house done.  I also introduced the kids to the original Annie movie.  All in all, it was a good weekend.

I started in on what I hope will become a steady routine today.  I went for my run, which made me feel good.  I took my youngest to story time and she had a ball.  I made an easy dinner tonight and was ahead of schedule, so I was able to sit and listen to my son read, giving him my full attention.  My oldest was able to find a ride home from her Civil Air Patrol meeting tonight, so I was relieved that we were able to make that happen.

I guess it’s really the simple things that make it possible to pull through and keep moving forward.  There was nothing too complicated about this weekend or today, and in many ways, that has kept me in a positive place.  I am still feeling the loneliness, but I know that I’ll get through it.  I think the fact that my best friend here, my person that I can always hang out with, is moving away is starting to get to me.  It’s tough to make friends you can really talk to, so I think that thought keeps creeping from the back of my head to the front of my head and it brings me down a bit.  I still see the positive side, that I will be able to visit her and keep in touch, it is just going to be a rough bit while I adjust to not having her around.  We have our very last get together on Wednesday night, and then her family and her will be heading to the other side of the country.  I am looking forward to getting together that last time, before they head out.  I know that things will get brighter, but feeling sadness and loneliness is natural.  There are still plenty of positive things for me to think about, I just need to work harder to keep them at the forefront of my thoughts for now.

Positive Daily Three – Climbing Back Up

Well, today was the start of a few things, so I am feeling a little bit more like myself again.  I met up with a mom I have been talking to at our local park, and we did our first park workout together.  It was nice to be able to have some adult conversation and get a workout in.  I think that a truth is that we are all lonely at times, and we need to be there for each other.  We are set up to meet up every Tuesday and Thursday.  I am glad to be able to hang out with a peer and get a little exercise in at the same time.  Plus, we are holding each other accountable to help each of us reach our own goals.

I signed up for my first USO event today.  I am going to be helping out at a function on base which should be tons of fun for everyone.  I am excited to start volunteering and getting out into the community in a positive way.

I got to take a twenty minute nap with my youngest today, which was much needed.  My youngest slept much longer, but I closed my eyes long enough to reenergize.  I have been having a lot of trouble getting to sleep this week.  I just can’t seem to turn my brain off.  I have even tried going to bed really early, but I end up thinking, and then I just toss and turn.  I think I’m going to curl up with a cup of chamomile tea this evening and hopefully it will get me to sleep.

I know that it will take time to make friends again.  Most of my friends will be departing from Vegas shortly, and I will have to actively get out there and make some of the relationships I already have stronger and make new relationships.  I have to remind myself that building a personal community takes time and a lot of effort, and perseverance.  It can get lonely, but eventually, that community does develop if I just keep going at it.