Positive Daily Three – Day 138

I just got done with my run and I feel fantastic!  The wind was blowing, my legs were pumping and not slowing down, the music that played were the songs I needed to push me through.  The best part, though, was that at the end of my run, on my cool down walk, I felt the wind gliding through my hair, pushing through my fingers, I saw the stars shining down in the night, and I felt the spirit inside of me.  I haven’t felt that for a while, but tonight, I felt that connection with everything at a very deep level.  It was an awesome feeling.

Today wasn’t a great day, but I got the things accomplished that I needed to.  The car has now had its 15000 mile service and oil change, my oldest’s uniform has been dry cleaned and will be returned to school tomorrow for ROTC, and I cleaned out the mailbox today.  Not great things, but things that I can check off of my to do list, so definitely positive things.

I took my youngest to Jumper’s Jungle, an indoor bouncy house, after we spent 2 hours at the car dealership.  She definitely deserved it.  She wanted to stay longer, but we had to pick my oldest up, so we might return tomorrow.

My son gained even more confidence on his bike without his training wheels, and is now doing it all on his own.  I just watch him.  I am so proud to see him come so far in such a short time.