Positive Daily Three – Day 137

My gratitude tree seems to be growing.  There are negative things that I encounter throughout the day, but as I continue to spend most of my time reflecting on the positive things that happen, the negative things start to carry less weight and I spend a lot less time dwelling on them.

I got my workout in at the park with my friend, and my youngest and her son played well together today.  We have also made a new friend that comes to the park regularly now, so our little community is growing.

I was going to bring my youngest to an indoor bouncy house place today, but she wanted to have a picnic outside instead.  While the weather wasn’t ideal, I decided we might as well.  We ate lunch outside and put together a puzzle.  I enjoyed snuggling with her and reading to her on the couch as well.  She even got a nap in today.

My son was much more confident on his bike today.  He lost his fear and even got started completely on his own a couple of times.  I was very proud of him.

My oldest visited her first college today, Nevada State.  She paid attention and learned as much as she could.  She seemed to enjoy her field trip away from school and picked up some valuable knowledge as well.

The vibe stayed pretty positive today, which made most of the day run smoothly, even if there were a few bumps.