Positive Daily Three – Day 135

This weekend was spent attending children’s parties, watching a movie I had never seen and doing something that I never thought I would do on my own.  I started going to church a little over a month ago because I felt like I needed to start building a community and because I really felt like I needed to start nurturing my spiritual side.  A friend invited me to attend church with her, and I really enjoyed the flow and set up of the church.  I started attending regularly.  This weekend was the first time I went on my own.  My friend was out of town, so I was surprised at myself for stepping way out of my comfort zone and going on my own.  I was glad I did go because I really enjoyed and took away a great deal of inspiration from the sermon.  I have been taking the time to start really reflecting on things.

My birthday was on Friday, so I also used the time to reflect on this last year.  It was incredible to look back and see everything that has happened since last May.  The changes, adventures and challenges have been numerable.  I am thankful that I have had the wisdom this year to seek help when I needed it, and start reaching out to others.  I am very grateful that my courage has become powerful enough that it pushes me to step beyond my comfort zones and experience life in ways I would have been to afraid to before.  In truth, it has been a pretty good year.  These last 5 months of it have been the most challenging with my husband gone, but I am very grateful that our relationship has grown to a point where our communication is honest and open.  A piece of me will always feel empty during the times he is missing, but I am forever thankful that he supports me as much as he does in everything that I do.

Today was a great day.  I took my youngest to the Wetlands Park.  We went as a family before my husband left, and she remembered it.  She even remembered that her Daddy pulled the lever that made the rabbit pop out.  I smiled and laughed a lot today.  We hiked on a couple of trails, threw rocks in the wash, and played with all the indoor, educational, interactive exhibits.  She had fun, and I did as well.

I picked up my friend’s daughter from school today, and my son was quite happy to have a playmate.  Surprisingly, having a friend over for him made my day a little bit smoother.  I did not have to break up any fights between my youngest and him, and for the most part, they played relatively well together.

I brought my oldest daughter over to Civil Air Patrol tonight, and the car ride was extremely fun tonight.  Everyone was in relatively good moods, and the soundtrack for Moana had everyone singing and dancing in the car.  Good times!

I’d love to hear what some of your positive experiences have been today!