Positive Daily Three – Day 131

The weather today was awesome, and I was happy that I spent most of it outside.  I went to the park with my youngest after I dropped my son off and we played on the playground for about 45 minutes while we waited for Costco to open.  We had fun running around and going down slides.  I definitely love being a stay at home mom when I get to play and rediscover childhood.  After we finished shopping, I packed lunch for us and we went back to the park, had a picnic, and she rode her trike while I walked around the park.  We played at the other playground for a bit and headed back home.  I loved every minute of it, and she seemed to be having fun too.

We made it to karate on time tonight, which has been quite a task the last few weeks.  Master Gordon said she really wanted to get my son and oldest daughter into yellow belts because they looked way to good to still be in white belts.  We missed the testing the last time they did it because we were out of town.  She said she would probably test them when we get back from our summer trip.  That was a great compliment for both of them, and I am very proud that their hard work is paying off.

I got a good run in tonight.  For me, running is totally liberating and helps any stress I did have melt away.  I love being able to push myself or just take it easy and let my feet hit the pavement to the beat of the music playing in my ear.  I am very thankful to my oldest for watching the younger kids after I get them to bed so that I have some alone time to get my run in.