Positive Daily Three – Day 129

It feels like it has been so much longer, but a lot has happened in the last 129 days.  I am looking forward to what I like to think of as the wind down.  Getting past that half way mark makes the time seem to go by much faster.

Today was a pretty good day.  I went to A&FRC and got some solid information on deployment child care benefits.  Since I was on base, I swung by a friend’s house to drop off a gift and was able to spend some time visiting, which was awesome and a great way to spend the morning.

I was able to spend some time outside with my youngest reading books and having another picnic.  The weather has been totally awesome this week, so being outside for at least some of it cannot be avoided.  We made it to karate, and both my oldest daughter and son did great and I can see improvement in their skills.

I got a good run in tonight, and it felt great.  I am also hoping to finish The Book Thief tonight.  I started reading it about three weeks ago, and am finally getting to the end so I can pick another book up.  It takes me a while to get through books because I usually don’t get to read until I am laying down to go to bed, but I still love reading, even if I am much slower at it now.