Positive Daily Three – Thankful

This weekend left me full of gratitude.  Friday night I was able to sneak away to have dinner with a friend that I have never had a one on one with, so it was great to have the opportunity to get to know her a little better.  Saturday was a gorgeous day, and I got to spend it hiking with my kids and my oldest’s boyfriend and his Mom.  It was a beautiful trail that ended with a little trickle that is a waterfall during January.  Afterward, we went to lunch at a little cafe and then all came home and had nap time, and finished off the day with One-Man Star Wars starring Charlie Ross.  If you ever get the opportunity to see this man on stage, do it.  He is very talented and it was a lot of fun.  The kids even enjoyed it.  For Mother’s Day, we went to Church, which has really been helping me with my spiritual growth and in building a community.  The kids are all really enjoying it as well, which I am also grateful for.

After that, we went over to a  friend’s house for lunch and had a wonderful time.  The kids were all playing together, with very little incident, and the littler kids were keeping busy as well.  It was a very relaxing day filled with great conversation, fun and memories.

Today we jumped right back into the swing of things.  It was a pleasant day, though.  I made it to story time with my youngest, and she had fun.  We sat on the blanket outside when we got home because it was another beautiful day, and we read books and ate lunch.  I was able to finish up the laundry, dust the living room and get the bottom floor mostly cleaned.  These are huge accomplishments all in one day.  My younger 2 even cooperated and cleaned up their play room.  It is the small victories that are awesome.

It’s amazing to me that once you start looking for positive things in your day, your list of good things slowly starts to outnumber the negative things that you might encounter throughout the day.  I am very thankful that my husband asked me to do this and that I now seek out the positives in my day.  I am definitely not perfect and am still a work in progress, but I am starting to see that finding the brighter side of life starts to become easier and easier the more you do it.