Positive Daily Three – Sunny Day

I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect day, but there are definitely days that line up pretty nicely.  Today was one of those days.  Yesterday was a pretty rough day, but even so, there were good points.  I got in my workout with my friend at the park and was able to get some adult socialization in with some other moms there as well.  It felt good.  Even though we were late to karate yesterday, we still made it, which was a great thing.  I was able to get a lot of research in regarding home schooling last night.  I am preparing to home school my kids for part of next year because it will make it easier for traveling to see family and spend time with friends before we begin our journey to Misawa, our follow on.  I have been trying to decide the best approach: piecing together a curriculum for them, or going with an online school.  After discussing our options with my husband, we will be going with online school to ensure the best continuum.

Today worked out pretty well.  My son talked to his Dad for a while this morning, which was great, and while there was bickering between my two youngest, I was still able to have a pretty decent conversation with my husband today.  I went shopping with my youngest to pick up some things for my son’s school, and then we had time to go to the park and run around and play for about an hour.  I got a run in tonight, everyone actually ate and finished their dinner, and I was even able to give them a treat tonight.  It was a pretty darn good day.

Please share your encounters with good stuff in the comments.