Positive Daily Three – Day of Books

The weather was beautiful outside today, and all I wanted to do was lay outside, but of course, that is not possible.  I took my youngest to the library and we checked out some new books that she is very excited about, and I got some books for my son as well.  We have started family reading hour.  This usually takes place while my youngest is napping on the weekends so that I can get some reading and relaxation in as well.  I totally stole this idea from a friend, and am very pleased with it.

I took my youngest to library storytime today, and she had a ball.  We sang the peanut butter song today, and she absolutely loved it.  When we got home from the library, we ate lunch, and then we laid on a blanket outside and read several of the library books we had just checked out.  It was wonderful.  I had to get her down for a nap after that, so I started reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  She loved it, but we were both asleep by the time I started reading chapter 2.  My body has been fighting off a virus, and her and I took a 2 hour nap.  It felt wonderful, and I got to snuggle with her the whole time, which was great.

My son had a pretty good day today as well.  We have been having an increase in the number of tantrums he has been having, and today he was pretty mellow, so that is a win.  I watched my oldest stand up for herself today and make decisions that were best for her rather than listening to everyone around her.  I was very proud to see her be assertive and make decisions that would be beneficial to her in the long run.

It was a pretty good day, even if there wasn’t anything super significant that happened.  Please share some good things that you encountered today.