Positive Daily Three – Slow Recovery

The good news of the day is that my son recovered very quickly and his fever did not return.  He is super excited because he gets to go back to school.  I am super excited because he is definitely a child that enjoys socialization and both of us were going stir crazy today.

Other good news is that my oldest daughter and I don’t seem to be coming down with anything at this point, so that is a bonus.  My youngest is still getting hit pretty hard, she was able to keep down her second breakfast, but would not eat again after that.  She is still drinking liquids, though and hasn’t gotten sick since this morning’s car ride to drop her oldest sister off.  I am hoping that she sleeps her fever off tonight.

Even though I know it’s rough for her to be sick, I have to see the positive side, which is that for the first time in a long time, she would not let me go.  She wanted to snuggle with me practically all day.  This was not always ideal, but I savored eery minute of holding her that I could because I know these moments won’t last forever.

My son and her played pretty well together today, building puzzles and playing with the musical instruments.  While it was not a super fun day, and a day that was spent mostly inside, it had precious moments that will be treasured forever.  I even got to put my littlest one to bed early, so I could have a good quality bedtime routine with my son.  He really appreciated it being just him and me.

Please share your positive stories, I’d love to hear them.