Positive Daily Three – I Have Been Ninja’d

Don’t Google Ninja’d because it totally doesn’t explain it in the context I’m about to use it in.  I went through some incredible training this last week, which is why I missed my posts for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  My husband had gone through the RTA (Resiliency Training Assistant) course about 4 or 5 months before he got orders to Incirlik.  Before he left, he made me promise him that I would write down 3 good things that happen to me every day and send them to him.  At first I was resistant to this, but when I realized it was important to him, I agreed to do it.  I decided that since this was a journey that several military spouses usually encounter at least once during their spouse’s military career, it made sense to share my three things through my blog, which my husband now reads.  I know we all have different stories and different things happen, but, at the same time, we also have similarities and maybe some spouses out there can relate to some of the struggles, good things and experiences, whether they are good or bad, that I am going through.  When I went through my key spouse initial training, one of the speakers that came in spoke about resiliency, also known as Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF).  I liked what he had to say and was impressed with some of the points that he made.  I grew excited when he mentioned that key spouses were allowed to attend the RTA course.  I spoke with my husband about the course and he heavily encouraged me to do it.

The very first day of the course, we were immersed into understanding gratitude, getting out of the negative spirals, and finding the things we can be grateful for.  I realized that when my husband asked me to find 3 positive things every day, he ninja’d me without me realizing it.  I have gotten through some small and big struggles while he’s been gone simply because I can still look back on each day and remember a few good things.  In fact, at this point, it has pretty much become a habit for me to try to find the good, find that light when things are starting to spiral down.  I am learning to take a breath, stop and be more aware of the whole picture.  My knowledge was expanded to new levels during the three days of training.  It was an awesome experience.  It centered on growth for in all domains of a person: mental, physical, social and spiritual.  A lot of the training focused on breaking things down into first the facts, and then the deeper levels.  Figuring out what is the driving force behind our actions and emotions.  Understanding why we get so upset and which values are being threatened when we react poorly to circumstances.  Another part of the training was analyzing our responses to others.  Are we responding to news and information in a way that is driving forward the relationship, or are we responding in ways that could be hurting the ones we love the most?  I learned so much, it would take me days to explain it all, but if ever you have the opportunity to attend a CAF day or go to an RTA course, definitely seize the opportunity.

This weekend we spent more time with each other and less time on electronics.  We played Mexican Train Dominoes on Friday and Sunday nights, which was a great deal of fun and even my youngest, with assistance, was able to have a blast playing.  I got part of the house cleaned on Saturday, which was awesome because it made me feel good.  My son’s friend also came to visit Saturday with her mom, so we all got to hang out and have fun.  Sunday was almost a perfect day.  It would have been complete and perfect if my husband were with us, but I still see how wonderful the day was.  We went to church with good friends.  It was a good service, and the kids all played at the playground while we caught up and talked.  We went to Spring Mountain Ranch State Park to have a picnic, run around and go for a hike.  It was gorgeous.  All of the desert flowers were in bloom, the spring was active, the weather was amazing, with a cool breeze blowing, and the kids and I had a wonderful time playing baseball, soccer, and flying a kite (for at least a little while).  The weekend was pretty terrific and relaxing.

Today didn’t go exactly as I hoped it would, but there were still some things I am grateful for.  I was able to find a great location for a star gazing evening I am planning for military families.  I took my youngest to a local park and we played for a couple of hours.  She even did an amazing job riding her trike around the park.  It was another beautiful day, as well.  Finally, I ninja’d my 5-year-old at the dinner table.  He started getting upset because I told him to sit up right and eat.  Instead of going with my usual response, I asked him what his favorite part of the day was.  He thought about it and then started talking about it.  I kept asking questions about his best experiences of the day, and he ended up being happy.  That was an amazing feeling.

Please let me know what your positive things have been today.