Positive Daily Three – Falling Into Place

Last week I had a few upsets that threw me off a little.  Today and over the weekend I was able to get a few things accomplished that have started this week off great.  I’ve finally gotten around to reorganizing a few things at the house, which has alleviated some stress and has allowed me to get some cleaning done in the process.  I was able to secure a babysitter for round two of attempting to go through the Resiliency Training Assistant Course.  I am looking very forward to going through this training, so I am very grateful that a friend of mine had time in her schedule to fit my youngest in.  I started the process of getting a quote from a local park for a special even that I am planning for August, so hopefully it won’t be too costly.  I accomplished more than I thought I would be able to today.  I even got a shopping trip in to Costco.  On the flip side, my youngest hasn’t been feeling great, so I had to skip my run today.  I am hoping to make up for it tomorrow.