Positive Daily Three – New Beginnings

I missed last night because I said goodbye to one of my best friends.  Her family and her begin their trek across the country on Friday, but last night we said our goodbyes.  It was definitely not easy.  That is something that I should be getting used to, but it is still difficult to part ways with people who have stepped into my path and become part of my family.  I will miss her greatly, but I know we can keep our friendship alive and that we’ll both be okay.  The great thing about the military life is that you never know where it will take you, but you always have the possibility that you will reconnect with someone when you get to wherever your next destination is.

I went to the park today and did the workout with the other mom that I met.  It was a tough workout, but I loved it because of the challenge.  It reminded me how if you stop working your muscles, you have to retrain them all over again.  My goal has now become to be able to do that very workout the whole way through by the time summer arrives.  It is very nice to have some adult conversation at the beginning of the day for a little while.  My youngest also got some outside time to run around and have fun.  While we were there, I met a couple with a daughter my youngest’s age and a newborn.  I discovered that they lived in my neighborhood.  It was a great morning.

I finished buying the last of the things we need to go camping.  I got the smores essentials today, which made the kids super happy.  My hardest step is going to be getting everything into the car, so I will have to start packing Saturday, but we are all getting excited for our camping adventure.

I took a nap today.  I have been having a lot of trouble staying asleep recently.  I don’t know if it’s because of the changes taking place in my life, or just stress, but I have been waking up around 1:30 in the morning this entire week and can’t seem to get back to sleep until nearly 4 in the morning.  It totally sucks!  I need an off switch.  Today, though, I took a nap at the same time my youngest was taking a nap, and wow did it feel great.  It was definitely needed and has left me feeling much better.

I wish for all of you that the sun always comes up, even if you have to go through a few days of rain.  The sky will always clear up and things will always get better.  We just have to keep hoping, waiting and looking for that ray of sun to shine through.