Positive Daily Three – Finding Balance

Today went well.  I took my youngest to the park and she got to play while I did a workout with a friend.  It was win/win.  My son got all of his homework done and still had time to play outside with his youngest sister.  My oldest and I are going to play our twenty questions game tonight, which should be a wonderful ending to a fairly decent day.

I was just talking to one of my best friends today about how difficult it is to make friends when you’re an adult.  I watch my son and youngest walk right up to any other kid and they are instant friends.  I do have that connection every once and a while with a peer, but usually, it takes a very long time to develop a friendship when you are an adult, even to just feel comfortable enough to call someone you’ve met up to see if they want to grab a coffee or lunch or something.  It’s interesting to me how guarded and less confident we become in making friends as we grow older.

There is a delicate balance in life that we all sit on.  It is the balance between surviving and thriving – thank you to my friend for helping me define the difference.  There are things that we need to do in order to survive, and then there are those things that we should do so that we can thrive.  Finding the balance between these two things is a great quest within itself.  Thriving does require doing things that are outside of our comfort zones and sometimes even having a little faith and hope in other people.  My new goal is to start living in a way that will tilt the scale so that my capacity to thrive outweighs my ability to simply survive.