Positive Daily Three – It’s All Good

The weekend was marvelous.  My oldest went on a date with her boyfriend to see Beauty and the Beast, we went to an 80s dance at my son’s school, and the kids and I went to the Eggstravaganza on base.  I was volunteering, but the kids all got to enjoy it.  I was grateful that I could make both happen with the help of my oldest.  We just hung out on Sunday and got some board game playing in, as well as playing outside and getting some chores around the house done.  I also introduced the kids to the original Annie movie.  All in all, it was a good weekend.

I started in on what I hope will become a steady routine today.  I went for my run, which made me feel good.  I took my youngest to story time and she had a ball.  I made an easy dinner tonight and was ahead of schedule, so I was able to sit and listen to my son read, giving him my full attention.  My oldest was able to find a ride home from her Civil Air Patrol meeting tonight, so I was relieved that we were able to make that happen.

I guess it’s really the simple things that make it possible to pull through and keep moving forward.  There was nothing too complicated about this weekend or today, and in many ways, that has kept me in a positive place.  I am still feeling the loneliness, but I know that I’ll get through it.  I think the fact that my best friend here, my person that I can always hang out with, is moving away is starting to get to me.  It’s tough to make friends you can really talk to, so I think that thought keeps creeping from the back of my head to the front of my head and it brings me down a bit.  I still see the positive side, that I will be able to visit her and keep in touch, it is just going to be a rough bit while I adjust to not having her around.  We have our very last get together on Wednesday night, and then her family and her will be heading to the other side of the country.  I am looking forward to getting together that last time, before they head out.  I know that things will get brighter, but feeling sadness and loneliness is natural.  There are still plenty of positive things for me to think about, I just need to work harder to keep them at the forefront of my thoughts for now.