Positive Daily Three – Funky Day

I am forcing myself to sit down and write tonight.  I have been in a funk and am hoping it is just PMS.

Let me start with the positives.  I went for my run today, got to talk to one of my best friends for a little while and was happy to hear that she reconnected with someone, and set up work out meet ups with another mom I met at the park for every Tuesday and Thursday.

Today was not a bad day, but I feel like I have been walking around in a haze.  I completely forgot about a meeting I had this morning and had to reschedule it, and have just been feeling down.  There are definitely ups, when I get to talk to people and connect, but I am feeling myself starting to fall into the loneliness stage of a deployment/remote tour.  I don’t really hear people talk about this.  It is something that you live with a little bit every day, but as time passes, that realization that you are running around by yourself begins to settle in.  It’s rough when you are away from family and your closest friends and you are still trying to build a community.  People come and go so often, and schedules change and become so complicated that it is hard to find someone who meshes well with your schedule.  I am glad that I at least have a couple of workout sessions a week scheduled.  I am hoping that helps get me out of the loneliness fog.

On a brighter note, my oldest was nominated for and received Student of the Month for the Freshman Class today.  I am very proud of her.

Here is to perseverance.  I will keep trying, and eventually, I hope a community will come together.