Positive Daily Three – Weekends Are Too Short

There is nothing better than a fun-filled, memorable weekend spent with wonderful people.  The only negative things about this weekend is that it ended and I am tired.  The kids had a blast and I had a blast.  My oldest went to see Panic! at the Disco with her friend and had a sleepover.  She was walking on clouds and so amazed by everything about the concert.  I was happy she had an amazing time.  Saturday we went to a birthday party for a child of one of the guys that works at my husband’s old shop.  I was floored at how amazing the decorations and even the invitation were.  The wife of my husband’s co-worker set a Harry Potter theme and designed and made floating candles, a Chamber of Secrets bathroom, wands, wizard hats, the sorting hat, Marauder’s Maps, and even set up half of a Quidditch field in the backyard.  It was great and the kids had a blast.

Saturday night I went out on a girls’ night out with a couple of amazing ladies from the squadron.  We saw Beauty and the Beast and went to have snacks and drinks afterward.  It was a great night spent getting to know a couple of amazing people even better.

Sunday was kind of a run around day, but I did manage to get the laundry partially done.  I allowed my oldest to go over to her boyfriend’s house for the day, which was a big step in building our trust again.  She had fun and got to go to a ballgame.  I brought my two youngest over to one of my son’s friend’s house.  Her mom was extremely sweet and invited us over for dinner.  She doesn’t even know us that well, but is also a military wife, and she wanted to make sure that we were taken care of.  Awesome person who is extremely kind and empathetic towards others.

After I got everyone home and the two littlest in bed, I went out for my last Bingo night with one of my best friends here in Vegas.  They leave April 7th for North Carolina, so Sunday was the last time we could get together for our Bingo session.  We had fun and spent some time chatting afterwards.  We’ll probably get together at least one more time, but it felt like the closing of a chapter.  It’s always hard to say goodbye to friends, but the good thing is that I will hopefully run into most of them again.

Today was back to routine.  I went for my run, which made me feel great.  It was windy, but my youngest fell asleep within the last 10 minutes of my run.  It’s never a good thing when that happens.  I wasn’t able to get her to nap later on, which resulted in an Exorcist like scene later in the evening.  She did eventually fall asleep.  It’s always hard for her because she is always being carted here and there.  I am constantly waking her up and moving her.  Some days, the schedule runs beautifully and she is able to get in a good nap.  Today was not one of those days.  The good news is that she should sleep terrifically tonight.

I was able to paint today with my youngest before she got super tired, so we did have some nice time together today.  I also enjoyed the moment when I got to hold her like a baby as she calmed down and I just rocked her and said it’s okay, and she eventually asked to go to bed.  That portion of her melt down will hold a place in my heart always.

Another upside to her complete meltdown which resulted in a fast bedtime was that I got to have some one on one time with my son.  I got to read him a couple of books and he got to ask questions and have a bedtime routine all to himself.  I think he really enjoys it when I can give him that one-on-one attention that I know he craves.

Other than that, nothing really sticks out about the day.  It wasn’t bad, but there haven’t been too many exciting things either.  I am hoping to head to bed early tonight to catch up from the weekend, but we shall see.  Good night!