Positive Daily Three – Step Back and Slow Down

Today was a pretty good day.  We all maintained pretty decent moods the whole day and most arguments remained small and easily remedied as they were the plights of a 2 and 5 year old.

My youngest and I went to Kids’ Club, a nearby indoor playground.  She had an absolutely wonderful time.  She rode the little scoot and swivel bikes they now have, and played on every piece of equipment available this time.  She made a friend every now and then, but was really just running around on her own having a great time.  I have been super proud of her as well.  We were potty training her before my husband left, but she started refusing to sit on the toilet shortly after he left.  I didn’t pressure her, so we went back to pull ups.  On her own, she has now started telling me when she has to go.  She still refuses to put on underwear for now, but I am so amazed that she took the initiative to start wanting to go on the potty again.

My oldest and I got our eyebrows threaded today, which is a good thing, because I have been in need of a clean up for a while now.

I finalized a date with the Las Vegas Astronomical Society for the stargazing event I am organizing.  I made contact with the Airmen and Family Readiness Center to expand the night to all families of the deployed and remote, and I contacted a possible venue for the event.  Hopefully it will all come together fairly easily, but I will find out.

I was able to read my son his Avenger’s library book tonight, which made him very happy.  He went to bed quickly tonight, which I was quite happy about because he was looking very tired.

We skipped karate in order to find a little room in our lives to get a few things done, like reading before bed and baths, and it was definitely worth it.  Sometimes you just need to stop and take care of the little things that are more important than most of us realize.  Being able to read books tonight and give baths to the little ones made a world of difference in the way they went to bed tonight.