Positive Daily Three – Smiles are as Beautiful as the Soul Making Them

So I took my oldest daughter to an orthodontic consultation today and am still picking my mouth up off the floor after finding out how much it costs out of pocket for braces.   Almost three grand after insurance, not including the retainer.  Really!?  So, I totally get if there is a viable reason: teeth not coming in, problems or difficulty chewing, literally something that requires the teeth be straightened. For out family, though, that’s like two or three vacations.  The worst part is listening to the sale of how it is a functional issue.  A functional issue would require there being an actual problem.  The teeth are not functioning in a way that allows us to grind our food to a size that can be swallowed without choking.  To me, there is no functional issue.  I simply can’t justify paying for braces for a child who will more than likely not abide by all of the necessary steps to make spending that kind of money on a cosmetic fix worth it.  I am generalizing when I say child here.  I have never been able to wrap my head around the need for perfectly straight teeth.  For me, spending thousands of dollars to have perfect teeth does not produce a beautiful smile.  Having a soul full of love, humility and honesty produces the most radiant smiles on earth, regardless of how straight the teeth are or how many teeth are missing.  We have turned so much focus to the outside that we are letting the most important part of our being wither to nothing.  I am getting off of my soap box now.  Sorry about that.  Had to let it go.

On a positive note, the orthodontic office was very pleasant and understanding, as well as willing to work with us financially if we decide to move forward.  The atmosphere in the office was amazing and it is definitely the place I would go if I were going to get orthodontic work done.

I got the oil changed in the car today and made the decision that tomorrow I was going to focus entirely on my youngest.  The last couple of days have been errand days, so we haven’t really done anything fun.  We were trapped at the car place for 2 1/2 hours waiting for our oil change.  She was a champion though.  She brought more entertainment to the customers than the annoying television shows that came on.  Another reminder of why I am so happy that we do not have cable/satellite anymore.  She also did a fantastic job of entertaining herself if she was not entertaining the rest of the room.  It could have been a lot worse, so I am very thankful that she was in a pleasant mood and bringing happiness to all the rest of the customers suffering through the extended time with us.

I discovered that one of my friends is back in town.  She had a hummingbird nest last year, and we got to see the little baby hummingbirds.  She has a nest again this year, so we are planning to head over Friday evening to take a peek at the baby hummingbirds and visit with them.

There are always ups and downs in every day.  I like to think that from my perspective there were more ups than there were downs today.  I still have to discover the sleep secret for my son so that we can find more peace and understanding, but we are rolling with it, and our smiles are outnumbering our frowns, so we are doing pretty good.  I will finish this by saying, please don’t ever let anyone tell you that you do not have a beautiful smile.  If there is real joy and love in your smile, then it outshines the whitest and straightest smile out there.  Never forget that smiles are only as beautiful as the soul that makes them.