Positive Daily Three – Roll with It

Today started off pretty good.  I got my run in, but my youngest did not want to go to the park because of the wind today.  When we got back home, I washed up and we headed out to get some shopping done at Costco.  It was not too crowded, I saw one of the regular story time families there and said hi, had a nice conversation with the clerk, got Maeve a hot dog for being a good sport, and we headed home.

I was able to get two regions of my updates completed for the website, so I should be able to move fairly quickly through the next two regions and finalize the main pages hopefully by the end of April.

My youngest children have been driving me just slightly crazy today.  They have been crying about everything, whining about everything and arguing about everything when they are together.  I am sure we have all experienced these days.  I felt like every time I turned around I had to remove a toy or settle an argument or make someone apologize.  I think the only thing that helped me regain my sanity was reading a Mo Willems book at the end of the day.  “Nanette’s Baguette” made me laugh and recall that our little ones are still learning and interacting with the world as explorers and discoverers, and they look to us for guidance and understanding.  Though the book did not wash away all of the irritation, frustration or anger from the day, it did help me remember that life should be simple and enjoyed.

Looking back on today, very few things went well.  My oldest woke up late, we drove all the way out to karate and it was cancelled, I lost it on the kids a couple of times, we are all tired, and I burned dinner, but it worked out.  Rolling with life instead of trying to paddle against the tide all the time is a much happier and more relaxing place to be.