Positive Daily Three – Back to Routine

Nothing really eventful happened today, but that is not always a bad thing.  I woke up tired, so I decided to spend today focusing on eating better.  I successfully completed my first day of My Fitness Pal food diary.  It has been a while since I have used this app, but it definitely helped me the last time I really wanted to get healthy and back in shape, so I jumped back on and decided today was the day to start again.

I took my youngest to story time at the library today and she had a ball.  The craft was a spring craft, so she and I glued a paper flower pot and green paper stems on the paper and then she used markers to create her floral masterpiece.  It was a fun time and she really enjoyed it.

I utilized some downtime from my youngest’s nap to finalize the format for the updates I am adding to my website.  I am getting very excited as it is starting to look good and I am getting closer to relaunch.  It feels like it is taking forever to complete, but today I was able to see some real progress, so I was excited.

It was a gorgeous day, and I wish I got to spend more of it outside, but that’s okay.  My goal is to get my run in tomorrow and get to bed a little earlier than usual tonight.

This was definitely a blah day.  I don’t hate Mondays, but it is difficult to step back into a rigorous routine after a few days of freedom.  I think that is the reason that most people find Mondays so difficult.  I hope your Monday wasn’t too rough!  Please feel free to share any positive stories you have!