Positive Daily Three – Taking a Day

I feel like this is the first weekend we’ve had since we moved where we have just been able to breathe and relax and take a minute.  I love going and doing things and running around and visiting new places, but it was nice to have a weekend where we didn’t have to do anything.

I was able to visit with and catch up with a couple of friends who will both actually be venturing on to new states shortly.  It was nice just to talk and enjoy their company.

I attended the USO orientation and am looking very forward to becoming active in the organization.  They do a lot of good for military members and their family, and I’d like to give back some of what we have received.

I took a couple of days just to hang out with the kids and not really do much else.  While my mind raced at times with everything that I should be doing, it was amazing to just read, watch shows, and play with no time line.  I love just taking a day and enjoying it.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!