Positive Daily Three – Seconds in the Heart

Got in a run today, which was a great way to  start the part of my day after I drop the older kids off at school.  My youngest wanted to go to the butterfly park, so we went, but it was closed for maintenance.  That didn’t stop us today.  We went down the street to another park and she had a lovely time there.  We played and ran around and had a great time outside.  Definitely smiled a lot today.

I accomplished a great deal while my youngest napped today as well.  I talked to one of my sister’s and adjusted our camping time for spring break so that we can visit both of my sisters during our break as well.  I scheduled an appointment to have the windshield on the car replaced due to rock damage, called the orthodontic referral for my oldest daughter and scheduled an appointment, and the pediatric specialist dentist referral for my son and scheduled an appointment.  This is probably going to hurt the pocket book, but we’ll see what happens and find out if it’s all necessary, or how it is all going to play out.  Finally I scheduled an appointment for the car to get the oil changed.  I feel like a great deal of my time is now scheduled.  It’s a game of chess, moving pieces here and there and trying to remember what is already happening.  Though I do not enjoy having my time planned out every day, it is making the days pass quickly.  Time is a funny thing.  We wish for it to pass quickly when we are younger so that we can grow up and do all the things we are we are too little to do.  When we get older, we continually talk about how quickly time is passing and how we wish it would slowly down.  Being away from my husband, I do not mind that time is passing quickly, but I am still trying to savor the moments as they go by.  The only thing that I can truly attest to is that time does pass through your fingers, so hold onto the moments that you can and enjoy them.

We made it to karate on time today, with some time to spare.  Lately, we have been cutting it pretty close, but today I had dinner ready before I left to pick the kids up from school, so there was nothing to delay our departure time.

Today was a pretty good day.  There were a lot more positives than negatives.  We can’t control time, or what happens in our time, but we can choose which moments to hold onto and cherish forever.  I am working to make sure those moments are the ones that are filled with love.  Some might be happy, some might be sad, some funny, but all should be moments that make my heart sing.  I wish you enough love and enough moments to find peace in your days.