Positive Daily Three – Just Start

I think the hardest part of writing is starting.  I’ve been looking at the blinking cursor for a few minutes trying to think of how to compile my positive daily three, and finally, decided that starting was the best way to get to the end.  It was a good day today.  I did not get everything done that I wanted to, but I think the day flowed the way it was meant to.

I made it to the DMV to turn in the license plates for the Subaru we sold.  I didn’t even have to go to another window.  They took care of everything for me at the appointment check-in window.  We were done so quickly that I went for a run and my youngest was able to play at the nearby park for about an hour, making some more new friends.  When we got home, she napped, so I was able to finish the website updates for the southwest area of Clark County.  I am hoping to get my updated website launched by the end of April.  I still have to complete the northeast and southeast, but I am much closer to completion now.

After I picked up my son and oldest daughter from school, we met one of my friends from my son’s school at a local ice cream place.  My friend insisted on getting a treat for all of us since I helped her out a couple of times, even though I told her it wasn’t necessary.  She was absolutely sweet and needed to vent a few things, so I listened and gave her feedback when I she invited it.  It was a great visit and I felt like she was a little more positive at the end of it.

My son ended up having a fever this evening, which would explain why he was not eating much today.  He was complaining that his tummy hurt, too.  I’m keeping an eye on him, and am hoping that he gets better soon.  The positive side of this is that he was definitely cuddly and went to sleep fairly easily tonight.

My oldest daughter and I made time to play our twenty questions tonight.  It was a good session and I am really starting to feel like she is opening up at least a little bit more now about her feelings.  I feel like we are taking steps closer to each other, which is exactly what we both want to be doing.

I did go to bed by 9:30pm last night, which was step one of being more consistent.  The problem is that I couldn’t get my brain to turn off, and was up for quite a while as a result.  I did accomplish step 1, though, so I am hoping my body will start getting used to it shortly.

I guess writing is a lot like living.  Once you choose to start, and get up and out of bed, the rest of the day just flows right at you.  Hope you are finding your three positives every day.  Please share yours if you would like to.