Positive Daily Three – Early Bedtime Tonight

It was a busy day, but I accomplished a great deal and it was a pretty good day for the most part.

I met with the USO volunteer coordinator, so I should be up and running after the 18th of March.  I am excited to be a part of this organization.  We have received so much from them, it will be great to be able to give back.

I officially filled out the paperwork to secure a room for a spouse’s night out that I am helping to coordinate since I was on base.  I also picked up the signed, official paperwork from the Commander so that I can attend the Resilience Training Assistant training.  I am very motivated to learn everything they have to teach me and then pass it on to others.

My youngest went to daycare (it was in home care) for the first time.  The caregiver said that she did pretty well.  She cried for a bit when they were getting ready to nap, but she said that as long as my youngest was busy, she was okay.  My youngest did say that she had fun, but she does not want to go back.  I asked her why and she just said she loves me.  I had to explain to her that I will always love her and that I just had to bring her there because there was something I had to do and I couldn’t bring her with me.  She seemed to brighten after that.  It’s so intriguing to me how deep the perspective of a child can go.  I am glad that I explained to her that I would never leave her or stop loving her.

I felt rushed all day, which probably added to a small growing headache.  I felt like I had no time today, until now, to sit down, focus and get other things accomplished.  I think my son is having a bit of a rough time right now.  He is showing a little bit of regression, and I am trying my best to not let it wear too much on my patience.  The hardest part is that it is affecting his sleep.  I started putting him to bed at 6:30 tonight because I could tell as soon as I picked him up from school that he was super tired.  It is now almost 8pm, and I had to run upstairs again to tell him to go to sleep because I heard him jumping in and out of bed.  I’m not sure what exactly is causing this, but I am hoping we can get past it soon and back on a healthy track.

My energy is definitely zapped today, so I am hoping to get to bed early.  I have finally discovered that it is called beauty rest because it prevents me from turning into the beast.  Being cranky is one of the worst things possible when it comes to trying to stay positive and have a good day.   For me, it is very difficult to control my emotions and have patience.  These two things are typically natural for me, but when I don’t get enough sleep, I have found that I am an entirely different person.  So, for what it’s worth, cheers to sleeping.  I hope you get enough tonight as well.