Positive Daily Three – The Juggle

I had a list of things I wanted to get done today.  My friend is driving into town with her son, and I wanted to have a clean house, pick up a few extras at the grocery store, shave my legs, and get a couple pairs of shorts that fit.  I also wanted to go to the deployed/remote family dinner at the Cannery tonight to meet one of the spouses I have been communicating with and a couple of other spouses from my husband’s old squadron.  I was ambitious, but thought I could do it all.

I made it to the grocery store to pick up a few extras and then got back home.  I played with my youngest, watched a show with her, made her lunch, and read 5 of the Golden Books to her.  I sang songs and rocked her for about 30 minutes.  Still, she would not nap.  I tried reading one of the Magic Treehouse books to her, but nothing seemed to be working.  Finally, she decided she was tired and curled up and went to sleep.  The first thing I crossed off my list was shaving my legs.  My husband’s been gone for almost 2 months, its winter time, and I have really set any time aside to make this a priority.  We are going to be in a warmer climate this weekend, so it was important to me to remove my Yeti-like hair.  Check that one off my list.

Next, I started sweeping the house.  My littlest girl woke up and I had to abandon completing sweeping so that I could pick up my son and older daughter.  We swung by Ross on the way home so that I could get a couple of shorts, my oldest could get a couple of things and I could look for a few accessories for my son’s Dr. Seuss dress up day tomorrow.  Get shorts that fit comfortably checked off my list.

By the time we got home, it was 5pm already, the same time that the Cannery dinner started.  I was trying to rush so that I could still make it for a little while to the dinner, but finally admitted that there was no way I was going to make it.  I kicked myself for not planning the day better so that I could get everything done that I felt like I needed to do.  Now, looking at this, I actually accomplished most of what I wanted to.  I think the hardest one for me to not complete was being there to help out the spouses of the deployed/remote at the dinner tonight.

For my reality check, the clean house was something I wanted to do, my friend really doesn’t care.  Sometimes I can juggle and get it all done.  Other times, I juggle and miss a couple of balls.  The good news is that in the end, the fact that I started juggling is the most important step.  The finish may not be grand, but at least not all of the balls fell.  On the days when all of the them fall, it is important to remember that whether we believe it or not, the things that needed to get done did get done, and everything else can wait another day.