Positive Daily Three – I Guess I Got My Groove Back

We all have good days and bad days, but I love it when there’s just something in the air that makes you feel like dancing.  I have no idea what is causing it, but these last three days, I have felt a lot lighter for some reason.  I feel like my groove is coming back and things are going great.  I’ve felt this way before, and hope that I can hold onto it.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been sleeping better than I have been, I don’t know.  I like to think I feel like Bill Murray’s character in Scrooged at the end of the movie, when he starts talking to the camera and the cast sings the “Put a Little Love in Your Heart Song.”  It’s a great feeling.  It might be because I have been able to talk to my husband again with fewer distractions, so the world feels right again.  Whatever it is, I am going to try my best to hold onto it.

I got a few things accomplished today, but they were mostly errands I had to run.  Unfortunately for my little girl, she didn’t get much freedom.  She did perk up, though, when we went to her Daddy’s (old) work.  I had to get a letter from his supervisor to assist me in getting child care.  She brightened and was extremely happy, thinking she was going to see Daddy.  I tried to explain that Daddy wasn’t there, he was still in Turkey.  She wasn’t very happy about that and started saying that she wanted to go to Turkey.  I told her that it was too dangerous for us, so we couldn’t go.  The sweet thing said we have to go because Daddy’s scared.  I told her that I thought Daddy would be alright, we just couldn’t be with him because things are a little dangerous right now for us to be there.  Luckily, the planes and helicopters distracted her, and the promise that she would get to go inside the shop made her very happy as well.  It’s difficult for her to understand, and it’s hard to try to explain, but it is wonderful to feel the love pouring from her and to know that it’ll still be there when he gets back.

We watched the live action Jungle Book today.  I think we all enjoyed it.  I made a compromise with my son because it was a busy day, my youngest didn’t nap, and we have a very busy day tomorrow, so we couldn’t go to his school’s movie night tonight.  I felt bad, but I knew that if I pushed it we would have a rotten day tomorrow.  Eventually he understood and accepted it, so we had a movie night at home.  It was fun to have all of us on the couch watching something together.  It has been a while since we have all sat down to watch something together (although we are still missing one).  It was a very pleasant and enjoyable time.

I have officially turned in my child care sheet and should be covered for my USO interview and additional training I signed up for.  The best way for me to deal with my husband’s absence is to stay as busy as possible.  It helps me stay away from dwelling on his absence.  There are definitely days that are harder than others, but having other things to do that will keep me active and moving and helping others keep me moving forward.  Not only that, but there were so many helpful people I encountered today with great attitudes that it made me feel great, too.

When life falls into a groove, I am going to dance with it for as long as possible.  There are ups, downs, ins, outs, and sometimes, it just all comes together and moves right on down the road.  I am thankful for these times and hope that everyone encounters these times often in their lives.