Positive Daily Three – Finding a Flow

Sometimes routines have to fly right out the window.  This was a description of my day.  I could have let it mess with the flow of the day, but decided to roll with it rather than trying to fight it.  My middle sister called this morning and we chatted for a while.  As we talked, I cooked my breakfast since the kids had already eaten.  My youngest daughter decided that she was still hungry and began eating my breakfast.  I rolled with it and let her eat as much as she wanted because I had a ton of veggies in my eggs.  When I got off the phone with my sister, I discovered my husband had been trying to call me.  For some reason, my phone wasn’t beeping or anything when he was trying to get through.  I called him back immediately and we were able to talk and he got to see and talk to the little kids.

When we got off the phone with him, it was time to leave, so my breakfast was left out, and we headed to drop my son off at school.  I hadn’t even had my coffee yet.  When we got home, my youngest daughter and I finished breakfast, and I got some coffee in me.  She wanted to go to butterfly park (nickname for a nearby park).  We drove up and the normal parking lot was closed.  We drove to the other side of the park, got out and started walking to the playground.  Turns out, the playgrounds were closed for cleaning and painting.  We were okay with this and even sat on the grass for a little while to snuggle.  Love those moments and savored the few seconds we sat there in the grass.

We ended up coming back home and hanging out.  The rest of the day fell back into place.  My son, with a little bit of my help, finished his homework for the week today, so that was stress relief, and I was able to get a few things accomplished while my youngest napped.  Although the day started out offbeat, rolling with flow helped me stay relaxed and allowed for all of us to jump back into a steady beat.

Days will never be perfect, but I have learned that they are what you make them.  The more I fight against breaking my routine, the more difficult it is to get back into one.  I have discovered that usually if I roll with what cannot be controlled, finding my footing along the path is a lot easier.