Positive Daily Three – The Simple Things

Today started rough, but ended up getting better.  The wind was blowing hard this morning, as were most moods.  Storms were blowing in and out.  The exhaustion we had pushed off to enjoy every moment we crammed into a short vacation began to creep into our bones.  We got my oldest daughter to school without a problem.  We got to talk to my husband when we got home, which was lovely because it is not easy to talk while you are visiting family you don’t get to see often and going places with them.  We were catching up from where we left off.  I felt almost whole again.

When we said goodbye, I had very little time to get my son and youngest daughter dressed.  I wasn’t too worried about that, except that my son decided he was going to throw a temper tantrum because I wouldn’t let him wear shorts.  It was too cold outside, especially with the wind.  Needless to say, he eventually put pants on, but he sacrificed playing before school to be stubborn (that might be a trait he inherited from me).  By the time we dropped him off, he was nearly late, but we made it and he was in a good mood again.

I went for a run with my youngest when we arrived home, and she was going to play at the park.  I had to cut my run short, which was fine, because she said she was too cold.  The wind was gusting pretty good, so I couldn’t blame her.  We made it to Costco and I got some shopping done.  She was an absolute saint the whole time and we actually had fun grabbing all the necessities for the next couple of weeks.

When we got home, after lunch, we snuggled and watched a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I got to read her a Magic School Bus book, and she fell asleep (I also may have dozed off before I got to the end of the book).  I had to wake her up to go get my son, but at least she got to lay down for a little while.

We made it to karate today, too, because spirits were up for the rest of the day.  The kids both did wonderful at karate and my youngest and I got to put together Frozen puzzles on her Kindle.

The day started off with some heavy storms, but we were all able to pull through and found the sunlight beaming down after the clouds cleared.