Positive Daily Three – Upsides of a Rollercoaster

When things really start to go crazy and it begins to feel like the universe is just repeatedly slapping you in the face, I have discovered that it is very important to try to laugh and find something good in the day.  I probably should have broken down and cried at least twenty times in these last two weeks, but I didn’t.  My response was to pretend that I was superwoman and just keep pushing myself to utter exhaustion every day.  As I lay down in bed, I faced the worries and anguish of the doubts of some of my decisions.  I acted quickly and made decisions extremely fast, refusing to gnaw on ideas and thoughts.  I wanted to be done with the problem as soon as possible for my own sanity and the sanity of my children.  My defense mechanism has finally taken its toll.  I am burned out and can barely make it past 9 pm each night.  I need to write about the positive things that have come out of this crazy, unexpected turn of events, though.

First, there were 7 service members who volunteered to come help me move.  We worked together and had the entire household moved within 3 hours.  That was amazing.  First, I was worried no one would be able to help, and then I got tons of help.  Amazing people who were totally selfless and got the job done well and quickly.  This made the transition for my family much more smooth than I anticipated.

After all the packing, box carrying and heavy lifting, the last thing I wanted to do was clean the old place.  I was dreading everything that had to be done.  First, one of my friends volunteered to watch the kids, which was a blessing because it was a truly fun day for the kids.  Second, a couple of good friends actually helped me scrub all the walls and baseboards, among other things.  They saved me another 2 – 3 hours away from my family.  I don’t even know how to thank them.  The best part is that I did the final walk through on Feb 1st and it looks like we are going to get our entire deposit back. Super awesome win!

Lastly, a lot of people at my son’s school are doing their best to make sure he remains there.  The outpouring of concern and ideas to assist in making sure that he gets to finish out the school year have been amazing.  We are still waiting to hear the final decision, but it is very touching to know that the principal, his teacher, and other parents in his class are trying to go above and beyond to ensure that he stays in a comfortable setting.

As for today, it was wonderful.  I got to play with my youngest outside in the backyard.  We still didn’t make it to the park, but at least I was able to get some play time in.

We made it back to karate tonight, which is the first step back into a regular routine.  The kids were happy to be back and were focused, doing their best to catch up.

I made it to the post office and we are now one step closer to being able to gain access to our mailbox.  It is a community box, so we have to wait for keys to be made.

There are days that I take multiple slaps and hits from the universe, and I keep waiting for the next punch.  These are the days which make it extremely important to seek out the good and remember the positive things that did happen, even if they seem minute compared to the negatives that might be occurring.