Positive Daily Three – Almost There

The great news is I am not looking at a single box inside the house anymore.  All unpacking is complete.  I have to locate a couple of missing items, but I am positive they will turn up.  I feel like things are finally settling down and I am looking forward to the weekend.  I am actually daydreaming of sitting on the couch, catching up on my shows, while I drink a glass of wine and enjoy my Dubliner cheese.  It’s the little things sometimes that can give us that relaxed state we desire.

I got the oil changed in the car today and found out that the windshield can probably be fixed and will more than likely be covered by insurance.  Small accomplishment, but another item checked off the list.  I also did my final walk through of our old place today and it went well.  I am sad to leave, but it is done and we will begin to create a new home at our new house.  The final walk out went well, so we should be getting our deposit back.  Another victory that was made possible by wonderful friends who helped me scrub the walls and baseboards.  I am indebted to some wonderful people who made all of this possible.  I promise that next week I am going to list out all of the wonderful things that I encountered during this treacherous period.  I owe a lot of gratitude to some great people for their hard work and big hearts.

I got to hold my little girl while she took a nap.  I know I will have very few moments like this left.  We are not going to have anymore children, and she is growing up so fast.  Holding her prevented me from being able to accomplish anything else, but I cherished every second I could look at her peaceful face and just enjoy being in a moment cuddling together.  We all know these times won’t last forever.