Positive Daily Three – I’m Back

Sorry for the hiatus, but I had to focus on making this a smooth transition for the kids.  I believe I succeeded, but am now hitting that wall of exhaustion that makes it difficult to stay up to write this.  As a result, I will catch you all up tomorrow on the ups and downs of this lovely little adventure, but in the mean time, I want to end this day thinking about the positive things that occurred.

I now have a working garage door opener, which is a huge plus when you are moving multiple children with their belongings to multiple places throughout the day.  Small win, but a victory that I am celebrating for all the modern convenience it is.

I actually got to hang out with my little girl today.  We painted and read books and even watched a show together.  I haven’t really been able to spend a lot of good quality time with her these past two weeks, so I was super excited to be able to enjoy some time with her and be fully present, rather than catching my mind wandering to all the packing and unpacking and organizing.  It was wonderful to be aware of the moments of life again.

The house is completely set up except for my bedroom.  As fate would have it, my son could not fall asleep in his room tonight.  Tonight I was planning on getting my room unpacked, but my son had other plans for me.  He insisted that he was much more comfortable falling asleep in my bed.  As I have no energy left for arguing, I am allowing it for tonight.  The upside of this decision is that I would not have had time to sit and think about the good things in my day today if I were unpacking my room.

I feel like the universe has truly put my strength, patience, and several other abilities to the test these past couple of weeks.  Through all the bad, there have been counteracting positive things happening as well.  Some days it was really hard to see anything happy at the end of the tunnel, but we have survived every task and challenge.  I did not make it through with a smile on my face most days, and I feel like a train has hit me and then run over me multiple times, but I’m a survivor.  It’s what I was built to do.  I fought and continue to fight to make this transition easy on my kids, and I am happy that I can finally see a light at the end of this adventure’s tunnel.

I will let you know about the good, the bad, the ugly and the miraculous in my blog tomorrow.  Now, I am going to lay down and try to expel some of the exhaustion from my body.  Talk to you soon!