Positive Daily Three – Day 6

Today was not exciting, we didn’t really do anything, and it was difficult to find three things that were positive, but I was still able to do it.  My son woke up with a fever this morning, but on the plus side, my eldest daughter’s fever broke.  She was still not feeling one hundred percent, so I made the decision to cancel plans with my really good friend.  This bummed me out, but I know my son and he is a Mama’s boy when he is sick.  Thankfully, my friend is very understanding, and we were able to postpone our plans until next weekend.

My youngest daughter is still fever free, so that is a plus and I have not started to feel any symptoms of this flu-like illness that has struck two out of four of us, so that is an even bigger plus because I don’t have the luxury of being sick right now.

It was a productive day because I was able to get my Costco shopping done rather quickly today, as well as pick up a couple of things at the local grocery store.  I cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen, and completed the laundry, including folding it.  The kids were happy because they got to relax, play with each other and watch a couple of movies while I got all of my chores and errands done.

My eldest daughter is starting to step up to the plate a lot more, which is bringing me some relief.  She helps out with dishes whenever she can and she keeps her younger siblings occupied if she knows I am trying to get other chores done.  This is a huge positive for me as it relieves some of the stress and helps me breathe a little bit more.

Though my son running a fever and being sick is not a positive thing, I put him to bed early tonight and he asked me to snuggle with him.  This melted my heart because it has been a while since I have been able to snuggle with him and he fell asleep while I was holding him.  It reminded me of some of those fond memories of him holding me super tight in a bear hug when he was younger.

It’s funny, the more I think about the day and write, the more positive things start to come to my mind.  From my outlook, it did not appear to be a great day, but as I am proofreading what I have just written, it brings a smile to my face to see how many great things really did happen on this humdrum, sick and stay inside day.