Positive Daily Three – Day 6

I am going to be quite honest and say that if I really wanted to, I could make this a negative day, but I am going to pull through and find all of the positives that brightened my day.  Sometimes there are just days that do not run in sync with me.  I have learned that it is on these days that taking breathers and re-centering myself are extremely important.

I had bathroom accidents, a sick child, and a 2 year molar teething child to contend with today, but in the end, I didn’t let all of that bring me down.

My younger two children joined me in going to Floyd Lamb Park to ride horses.  Horses4Heroes is located at the Ranch House at Floyd Lamb Park, and the rides and lessons are very affordable, especially for military families.  My youngest daughter couldn’t muster up the courage today to get on the horse, but my son enjoyed two rides, learning a little bit about Western saddle commands in the process.  He loved the experience and my little daughter was delighted to meet the horse and look at all the other animals.

My eldest daughter had a fever, chest congestion and sore throat.  She is feeling better now, which is a plus and was very helpful tonight in helping me with dishes and the little ones.  I am looking forward to enjoying my glass of wine tonight as my oldest and I catch up on our shows.

I got some quality time in with a great friend whose son also happens to be one of my son’s really good friends.  I had a wonderful time chatting, drinking tea and cooking with my good friend whom I have missed dearly.  My two youngest has a blast playing with their friend and I loved catching up with my friend.  My oldest enjoyed the peace at home so she could prepare for finals week and get some much needed rest to fight off her illness.

It is by no means easy, and every day brings new challenges, but we are all pushing through it and I am hoping this blog will keep me on track and focused on staying positive.  Please share your thoughts or daily three with me here or on Facebook.