Positive Daily 3 – Day 4

Today I was hardly home at all, and it was actually raining for most of the second part of the day, but it was a good day.  I love walking in the rain.  Feeling the droplets of water land gently upon my head, skin and clothes brings a peace to me that nothing else can.  It is that feeling of cleansing and starting new.  I felt that today because my challenge to find three positives is really starting to sink into my bones.  I can feel the difference in my children’s reactions when I am approaching them with a positive attitude and when I am approaching them with a negative attitude.  I still discipline them when they fall out of line, but I am slowly starting to make small adjustments in the way I handle each of them.  These mild adjustments in trying to find a positive way to handle issues (and it doesn’t always work, believe me) make the defiance disappear slightly quicker and resolutions are discovered slightly faster.

I met the caretaker that will be caring for my youngest girl today so that I can attend Key Spouse training.  She is very nice, the house is well kept and I loved her play and learning set up.  This will be the first time my daughter is away from me and family, and she was understanding of that and is well versed in how to distract children so that they are not just crying all day.  Though my daughter tried her best to play shy, she did say goodbye to the caregiver, which was exactly what I needed to see in order to feel comfortable enough to leave her when the time comes.

The rain made it difficult to make it to the park today, so instead, I went to the base fitness center and got in my run.  I made it 3 treadmill miles at a slower pace than I used to do, but I still made the distance, so I was happy about that.  My daughter was quite content to sit and watch Princess Sofia in the toddler area as I ran.  Though it is not my favorite thing for us to do, the fact that both of us were happy at the end of our time at the fitness center made it a great thing.

All of us went to karate tonight and both of the kids did well landing punches and kicks as they sparred.  My youngest enjoyed watching them spar and I am sure she is looking forward to the day that she can join them.

I tried a new recipe that all of the kids really enjoyed, so that was a huge plus too.  They were odd, but tasted sooooo good.  It was an Umami Almond Quinoa burger.  Super delicious if you are looking for a vegetarian recipe.  I am going to probably mess around with the recipe a little bit the next time I make them only because they didn’t hold together really well.  Other than that though, finding a meal that all three kids enjoyed and ate was a big win!

I’d love to hear about anything that made your day a better day.