Positive Daily Three – Day 3

The best thing about finding three positive things a day is that they do not have to be complicated or super deep and powerful moments.  They just have to be three things that make me smile.  Thinking of today, I chose a picture of a heart that I discovered while walking with my children a couple of years ago.  Someone took the time to make a beautiful sculpture of a heart out of the fall leaves that were scattered on the sidewalk.  It was beautiful and the kids loved it.  These are the type of small, simple things that can brighten a day, if we let these small moments be our focus.

Today, I was proud of myself as I made it to day 2 of continuing my running routine.  To add to it, since we were outside, I stopped at the local park with my youngest daughter.  There were no other children there, so I became her playmate.  She let me into her world for 45 minutes to play the Polar Express (her 2-minute version of it) multiple times.  While at times, I did grow bored, I was amazed at her imagination and found it truly special that when I remembered a part she had forgotten, she lit up with happiness that I was actively playing.  It was a wonderful experience that I will cherish.

My eldest daughter and I were able to make it to have our eyebrows threaded today.  Though not an optimal bonding activity, it is something that we can do together, or at least take turns doing while one of us watches the little children.  Small victory, but a victory none the less, in a list of things to do.

I completed putting together 40 songs for myself, my son, and my youngest daughter, and I tasked my husband and eldest daughter with putting together a list of their top 40 favorite songs as well on Google Music.  I am compiling a household list of music for long trips and to play at home as well for background music.  This is a simple project I am doing that should lead to happiness for everyone as there will be a fair and equal balance of everyone’s music that will play.  Small parenting win!

Though these are three very simple things, the fact that I can focus on them instead of the things that may have gone wrong today makes this challenge completely worthwhile already.

Please share three simple positive things that you encountered today.