Wonder of Rainbows

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, I wanted to make a free coloring and e-book for children available.  Dr. Seuss was responsible for assisting our children in many ways, and the one that I will always be grateful for was his ability to create wonder and awaken their imagination.  I am starting a series in which I will take things that my children find interesting, or are curious about and explain them in a simple way using books that I write and illustrate for them to color.  

The first book is about how rainbows are formed.  It is the story of a water droplet that wants to help make a rainbow.  Join Brooks on his fun journey where he will meet other droplets and discover what a rainbow is and how he might be able to be a part of one.  This is a fun story that takes some of the science behind a rainbow and turns it into a story I hope your children will enjoy.

Making a Rainbow

Children’s coloring and story book about how rainbows are made. This is a free e-book that can be printed out or downloaded onto a desktop or tablet to be read at any time. This is a fun way to learn about rainbows and a little bit of science. Teachers, feel free to download this book as well. The angles of the characters looking at the rainbow and the the angles at which the sun is hitting the suspended droplets are accurate (between 40 – 45 degrees). Enjoy and happy creating and learning!

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